Sunday, October 9, 2011

Water Baby

Baby likes to play with water.  She will shake out water from her sippy cup onto her hands, then rub it all over herself.

If I give her a water bottle, she will carefully pour a little into her hands to then rub all over herself (she's actually quite talented for being one and a half.  Her precision is amazing.  Do we see a surgeon in the future?). 

When I pick her up in the afternoons (more like evenings with all the trainings and meetings I've had to go to lately), I usually have a half a bottle of water in my car that I've saved for her.  She asks for it, "Bol!" and I comply.  She has figured out how to unscrew the cap on her own (I sometimes have to help, or I leave it half screwed on for her), and will drink a little before starting her game of pouring water on herself.

The other day I inadvertently gave her a water bottle that was about a third full.  Baby had quite a good time pouring it all over herself and her car seat on her way home from daycare.  Her and her seat were soaked when I pulled her out of the car.

Now my car smells like mildew and I'm ignoring it in hopes that the smell just goes away.  It could be nothing, right?  Not her car seat getting yucky at all. Or the floors of my car.  Right?

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