Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No M&M Needed

Baby peed in the potty all by herself!  No bribing, no cajoling, no wait time.  Just sit, pee, and done.  It was amazing. 

Here's the story. 

I had been cooking in the kitchen and was letting Baby play in the sink.  Yes, she was literally in the sink playing with dishes and water.  It's one of her new favorite pastimes and keeps her occupied for a really long time so I can cook and clean the kitchen.  I turn the faucet on a steady dribble and strip her down to just a diaper or naked.  Sometimes she'll sit on the edge of the sink and stick her toes in the stream of water.  Or she'll ask for a bowl, fill it up, and pour it back out.  Who needs toys when you have a sink? 


I had been letting her play naked in the sink before bath time.  (Yes, I realize this seems a bit redundant.  But it's like the difference between swimming in a pool and taking a shower.  One is for fun, the other for clean.)  I took her into the bathroom to start filling up the bathtub.  Her potty chair is right near the bathtub.  When I turned the water on she immediately sat on the potty chair and peed.  I don't know if she even realized what she was doing, but it was great!  I made sure to praise her and get really excited.  Then she got her bath. 

I've tried to get her to go again, but no luck.  Granted, she hasn't been playing naked recently either, so that might have something to do with it. 

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