Friday, October 7, 2011


Baby has figured out how to open a drawer in our bathroom vanity.  In this draw I have some makeup brushes, a few hair barrettes, some necklaces, deoderant,and a couple of sticks of chapstick, among other random items.

I don't use chapstick unless I have chapped lips and really need it.  Otherwise, I tend to collect it in random places, like my car or the bathroom drawer. 

Baby has seen other family members use chapstick, as well as one of the girls who helps at her daycare.  I think they've even shown her how it works.

The other day Baby discovered the chapstick in the drawer.  She was so excited and held it out to me to open.  She says, "OoohP" for "Open."  Then she indicates what she wants me to do and grabs my hand to open the chapstick for her.

I do and tell her it's for her lips.  She purses her lips and proceeds to apply chapstick about thirty million times.  She took off running (child who does not sit still), with the chapstick still held in her hand and pressed to her lips, the lid in the other hand.

Eventually she discovered she could use her finger to poke the actual chapstick part and scoop some out to put on.  Or eat, which is what she started doing. She didn't eat the entire thing, just a few small nibbles. 

I read the label and it doesn't say I need to call poison control.  I think I need to put the chapstick in a new spot, though.  

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