Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things I Never Needed

Before I had Baby, I had no idea what to put on my baby registry.  I had no clue what I needed, and enlisted the help of friends (along with Google, of course) to figure out what I should get.   

I've started mentally going through the items I never needed or used, and thought I would let the public know as well.

The first item that was an absolute waste (keep in mind this is my own opinion and I do apologize if you bought it for me, I mean, how could you know?) was the baby bathtub.  Somebody is making good money off of those.  I tried Baby in it twice and she hated it with a passion.  Someone had told me about using the sink, lined with a towel, so I tried that.  She loved it!  Goodbye, waste of space and money.   I gave away the bathtub and never looked back.  Baby had baths in the sink for the first seven months of her life and just recently moved to the bathtub. 

The next items are along the same lines.  Those are the hooded baby towels.  I originally had thought those would be wonderful, not to mention oh so cute.  Who doesn't want a towel with a hood?  Well, after attempting to use them, I changed my mind.  For one thing, they are so thin and don't keep Baby warm.  They don't absorb very much water and are just tricky to maneuver.  I like using regular, thicker, warmer bath towels better.  They dry her off just as well, and as for the hood part that's missing, all one has to do is fold the towel over a bit.  I have a few of those hooded towels just hanging out in my bathroom now.  I've been using them as hand towels.

On a different note are the bottle gift sets.  What was I thinking when I registered for those?  Oh, I know.  I thought my baby would be a great bottle drinker and uses whatever Mommy put in front of her.  Ha!  My child somehow inherited an independent/stubborn streak.  As most of you loyal followers know, Baby would rather starve herself than drink out of a bottle.  Now my recommendation is for people to purchase individual bottles so that the baby can figure out which one he or she likes.  Not bottle sets that won't be used.

Lastly, pacifiers.  Baby received a ton of them (seriously, like at least fifteen).  We tried one after another, but to no avail.  She was just not a pacifier baby.  I ended up giving most of them away, although we found a few not to long ago and now Baby will chew on them.  Good teethers, perhaps?

I'm sure others of you out there have your own items you thought you had to have, but then never used.  Feel free to share!  



  1. I have to agree on the bottles for sure. Esp. for breastfed little ones, they have to have just the right one to like it. I tried Gerber, Dr Weil, Avent, Nuby and the Parents Choice WalMart brand. Guess which ones he likes- The .99 cent ones from WalMart!! Just ONE Dr. Weil bottle was $9.00!!!

    I totally have to agree on the bathtub, as well. My babies were all very uncomfortable in them as well. I always just took baths in the bathtub with them, even as very small babes, and just had will next to me to catch the slippery little guy when he was done. As far as the hooded towels, they weren't too much use for the baby stage but now that my kids are three and four they still want the hooded towels!!! But I agree the absorbency is lacking in most of them. Its like they spent so much time trying to make it soft, they forgot a towel is supposed to have a purpose-drying!!

  2. A friend and her sister created a list of baby stuff for me broken down into: necessary, nice, frill. I used everything on the necessary list, almost everything on the nice list, and almost nothing on the frill list.

    You can see it here:

    Unlike you, I loved my baby tub for both babies but I still only used them for the first 2 months and then off to the sink!

    I think it is crazy to buy a stand-alone high chair. Bouncy seat to booster seat--that's the way to go in my opinion.

    And my sister told me Diaper Genies were a waste of money so I never got one but several moms have agreed.

  3. I have to agree with the baby bathtub. I never really seen the purpose for them. All 3 of my kids bathed in the sink and loved it.

    As for the hooded towels, I have to disagree. I hated the thin ones because they didn't absorb any water, but I LOVED the nice thick ones because they worked really well. Kai has a toddler one now that he LOVES. He gets out of the shower and will sit all wrapped up in his hooded lion towel until I am all dried off and ready to get him dressed.

    Totally agree with the bottles, and the binkies (pacifiers) are hit or miss. Neither Parker or Bubba would take them, but man oh man, Kai LOVED them. I cannot imagine how miserable life would have been if he hadn't taken to them.


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