Thursday, December 9, 2010

Healthy Eating

Since being given the go-ahead to give Baby practically anything to eat, I've had major dilemmas over what to actually feed her.  I now have to think about preparing some type of food for her other than milk.  Technically, according to most of the baby books, Baby gets most of her nutrients from her milk, and not so much from actual food.  But we're coming up on the end of the timeline where the actual food is starting to count.

I was feeding Baby the little baby food jars, but she isn't really too big of a fan.  Plus, I decided that since she could eat anything, that I would give her what I was eating (that's what the food processor is for).  The problem is that I don't have the best eating habits.  When I would sometimes come home and have peanut butter for dinner (yes, seriously.  I have a peanut butter addiction.  I eat it out of the jar by the spoonful.), I can't really give that to Baby as her dinner.  The same goes for a bowl of ice cream, or a bag of chips (wow, writing this makes me think I may have a problem).  

I've been successful at pastas, and Baby loves my spaghetti and lasagna and fettuccine. I made a batch of carrots that are soft and I can heat up for her at any time.  But that only lasts for a few days.  I think I'm mostly at a loss when it comes to meats.  Husband and I are big meat eaters, and not so big fruit and veggie eaters.  We're more of the meat and starch type.  Totally healthy, I know.

Now I am starting to think more about my eating habits and realizing I need to hit up the produce department a little more often.  I'm hoping to teach Baby lifelong healthy habits and perhaps make myself and Husband a little healthier along the way.     


  1. I didn't feed my kids jarred baby food because I figured if I thought it was repulsive they would too. I made my own baby food and the kids loved everything.

    When they got older I bought a food mill and simply ground up what we were eating. Of course we eat super healthy and organic (although a little dip of peanut butter is a common occurrence at our house too!) so I knew that the kids were eating well :)

    Good luck--the food things is kind of the pits!

  2. Have you seen the site I LOVE this site. I use it all the time for food ideas and recipes for my little guy. Now that our little ones can eat table/finger foods I mash up/cut up what I can instead of pureeing everything with the food processor. It's nice to skip that step for some foods. But my little guy is still eating pureed fruits and veggies and cereal right now.


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