Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Tree

Is it so terrible that I really don't want to get a Christmas tree this year? 

I have absolutely nothing against Christmas Trees.  In fact, I love them.  I love the smell, setting up ornaments, arranging decorations, arguing with Husband over where he can put his Star Trek ornaments, figuring out the tree-topper for the year (we keep forgetting to get a tree topper, so each year we design something new). 

We were going to get our tree this past weekend, but it started pouring, so we opted not to.  After thinking about it, I am leaning towards no.  I know, bah humbug.  But think about it.

We have Baby this year.  Baby who is exploring, touching, tasting, tearing, (you get the idea-she gets into everything).  I'm fine with putting ornaments up high so she can't get them.  Not putting presents under the tree so she won't rip them.  However, we haven't come up with a way to stop her from getting to the actual tree itself.  Not to mention lights and cords.   

Normally we are watching Baby at practically every moment, but she is a stubborn little thing and we are constantly telling her no or redirecting.  We've done a pretty good job of baby proofing our main rooms.  Thus, Baby is free to explore and we really don't have to worry.  If we throw in a tree, I can just imagine this exhausting job of telling her no.  Moving her away.  Giving her something else to play with.  Intercepting her before she can knock the tree over.  Calming her after she wails because we tell her no.  Peeling pine needles out of her little hands....etc. 

It doesn't help that I am going to be super busy come January (working full time, taking on an after school program, taking a college course, doing occasional Saturday workshops, taking care of a house, not to mention being a mom and wife), that I want my vacation coming up to be as stress free as possible. 

I may be over thinking this and perhaps Baby will ignore the tree altogether.  I know Husband really wants one (he's big into traditions and all that- I am so not the sentimental one in this relationship) and isn't too keen on my no-tree idea. 

But who says we have to put Baby's First Christmas ornaments on an actual tree?  Can't I just hang them on the wall somewhere?   


  1. Maybe you could just get a small table one ?!?!

  2. It is totally fine to have no tree--it's not the icon that makes the holiday special! We've never had a tree, since we always travel for the holidays. My parents also gave up a tree after us kids left home and weren't around to put it up. A table-top tree could work (Kev's parents' tree sits on a coffee table in the corner), or you could hang your ornaments on hooks or something. Or you could just hang on to them for future years. We have a "first christmas" ornament we got our first married Christmas and we still hang on to it although we've never put it on a tree.


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