Saturday, January 1, 2011


Do you like seefood?  Not seafood.  Seefood. 

Lately, Husband has been asking Baby this at the dinner table.  Then he opens up his mouth with a glob of half masticated food in it and says "aaahhh" right at Baby.  She loves it. 

I hate it and give him an evil glare.  He thinks he's funny.  Baby thinks he's funny. 

So far she hasn't copied him.  But it could be any day now.  We've recently mastered Bye-Bye (it's really cute!  She jerks her little arm up and down and grins like crazy).  I do not want her mastering seefood. 

How embarrassing will it be when we go out to restaurant and Baby starts opening her mouth with food in it to show everyone?  The waiters will think I have a child with terrible table manners.  Friends and family will not invite us over to eat because my daughter could be a bad influence on their children.  I could be labeled as the mother who teaches her child bad manners. 

Oh dear.  I must put a stop to this.   

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