Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mommy and Baby Class

Last week I went to a Mommy and Baby Music and Art Class.  I've been twice before to this same place.  The first time was so fabulous that I had to go back and bring a few friends and their daughters.  However, the second time was terrible and I felt really bad for hyping it up so much.

Today was actually really good.  Since I'm not a member (hello, I work full time and only go when on vacation), I had to arrive early to ensure a spot. Good thing I did because it was full.

Baby and I hung out in the baby play section before the class started.  She didn't really want to play on the soft cushion stuff, but she loved picking up all the toys and handing it to me (her new thing is to hold items out to show people.  Sometimes she will give it away, other times she will screech when people think she is actually handing it to them and try to take it.).

The class was great.  The teacher really knew what she was doing.  We started off with a "Hello" song to say hi to all of the babies.  Then went through a few others with hand movements and what not.  She brought out fancy scarves for the babies to wave and play with, then ribbon hoop things that the babies could easily hold and wave around.  She also had these neat snowflake cut outs that she lightly tossed out for "snow."  We also danced around in circles.

I thought Baby would do great.  She has in the past.  This time she was silly.  She didn't want to sit in my lap like all the other babies.  She wanted to stand by me instead.  She didn't want me to move her hands to the movements.  Instead she shook my hand away.  When the other babies were singing with their mommies, she kept trying to walk around and climb on the other mommies.  I had to keep grabbing her off of them.  Then she tried to stand in the middle of the circle and dance (she does this new thing where she shakes her booty.  We call it dancing.  It is the cutest thing and she knows it brings her attention.  Probably why she was doing it in class).

She didn't know what to do with the scarves, but loved the snowflakes.  So much so that she started snatching from the other children.  Luckily the teacher moved on quickly and Baby was able to play more with the snowflakes while the other babies started the art project. 

The art project was just coloring.  I had never put crayons near Baby before, so I was interested to see what she would do.  Well, I shouldn't have been surprised that she tried to eat them all.  What did impress me was that she would take a crayon out, then put it back in the container.  Maybe this skill will transfer over to her toys.  Maybe she will start putting her toys away!  Wishful thinking, I know.

We are starting a Baby sign class next week.  I'm looking forward to it and hoping Baby will be able to pick up on the signs.  She's started screaming lately when she doesn't like something, so hopefully this will be a better way for her to express herself.  However, if the Baby Music Class is any indication, she might just stand in the middle of the room the whole time and shake her booty.    


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