Friday, January 14, 2011

Unexpected Visit

This week I had an unexpected family member come visit.  I haven't seen this family member since before Baby was born.  She showed up without warning, which was really annoying to begin with.   

I have such issues when she visits.  I get mad at the little things.  I get irritated.  I am tired and cranky and sick of having her around.  She is no fun at all, I don't care if she is useful.  When she has come in the past I have had to cancel plans and beg forgiveness from friends for not being available.  Luckily, they understand.

Many times I self-medicate to try and dull the issues I have when she comes to visit.  I'm not a normal pill popper by any means (hello, I pushed a baby out without any medicinal assistance!), but she pushes me over the edge.

Husband knows that he better be willing to help out whenever she visits.  He's pretty good about trying to keep me happy.  Just this week he made a full course dinner for all of us (I know, I was impressed too!.  And it wasn't mac and cheese, for those wondering).

I pray that Baby won't have the same reaction to this family member.  That hopefully she will be able to handle things in a different way.  Maybe she will inherit her father's tolerance.

I had been trying to postpone her visit in every way possible.  I was making myself very busy.  I was nursing Baby on demand, around the clock (yes, even in the middle of the night a few times) to make myself unavailable to entertain her.

I had even bragged to my sister that I hadn't had to endure this one unlikable family member for quite some time.  She had seen her recently, but our paths hadn't crossed in over 20 months.  I was okay with my sister being jealous.  In fact, I was okay with everyone being jealous.

But alas, Aunt Flow has returned.     

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  1. ahhhh!!! i waas like, who is she talking about?? then it all makes sense at the end!!! very good!!! Oh and bummer! Ha ha I was jealous! LOL! but now you can try for... baby number 2!!


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