Monday, January 3, 2011

When did that happen?

I envy those organized people who always seem to be on top of things.  They document every important event in their lives via scrapbooks, cool websites, or slide shows.  They keep track of specific details and are able to look up family history in no time.

I am not one of those organized people.  I am so not on top of things.  I do not keep track of specific details and couldn't even begin to categorize those.

Case in point, Baby is now walking.  Yes, she's walking and Husband and I are super excited! You might ask, when did that happen?   Honestly, I have no idea!  Seriously.

This whole Baby milestone thing is not as easy as it seems.  I mean, what is considered walking to begin with?  One step?  Five steps?  Running up and down the hallway?  What in the world do I write in her baby book?  I know there's a spot for when Baby took her first steps, but even those are hard to define.  Is is when Husband was holding her hands, she let go and stumbled forward then down?  Or when she is hurling herself from the couch to the end table?  She took a few alternating steps in there while reaching out to grasp the table.

Then there are her teeth.  When did Baby get her first teeth?  What even counts as getting her first teeth?  Is it when they start to poke through?  When they are halfway through?  How do I know when they are all the way through?  Pinpointing specifics is rather difficult here.

I was looking at a friend's website for her son and she has done an awesome job on it.  She lists out monthly items, such as what he is eating, his height and weight, his favorite toys, milestones he has made that month (including pictures and videos, of course!).  She also has a calendar of dates for when he did specific things, such as wave bye-bye or eat at a specific restaurant for the first time.  It's a great idea and I think would really help family who aren't around be able to feel more involved in Baby's life.

So I started a website for Baby.  Complete with pictures, calendar, and videos.  Want to know the last time I updated it?  July.

This brings flash backs of my wedding album.  It took me three years after the wedding to actually go through the pictures I had and begin to put them in some semblance of order.  I had great ideas to scrapbook them.  I would add on all the fun little wedding stickers and backgrounds and it would turn out wonderful.  Something that I could show my children's children.

Here's what really happened.  I did about three pages then got bored.  I asked a good friend of mine to help so she could give me motivation.  Eventually, I just gave up and gave her all my supplies where she completed my gorgeous wedding scrapbook (yes, it is something to show my children's children).

What's the moral of this story?  I need to find someone to do a website for Baby when even I don't quite know facts of details?

I think I'll just stick to drooling over other parent's websites and scrapbooks while I write my blog and hope Baby never asks when she got her first tooth or took her first steps.  Who knows, maybe she will get a creative streak and decide to make her own scrapbooks/websites some years from now.

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  1. Don't feel bad. I have a whole baby book filled out for Parker, but I never did one for Bubba or Makai. I just never could remember exactally when everything happened.

    Oh and they have their first teeth as soon as you see the lil bit of white poke through the gums.


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