Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Sign Class Number 2

Baby Sign this week was bedtime signs. 

We learned moon, stars, sleep, love, book, bear, and light.  The light one is neat because we can play with light switches and then make the sign for light whenever we turn the lights on.  Baby really likes playing with the light switches.  Plus, she can point to the lamp when the lights come on.  I think it's cool she realizes that's where the light is.  She's not too keen on doing the sign, though.

We've done book before.  She definitely knows what a book is.  We can tell her to go get a book and she will pick one.  Her favorite book is one that has slide outs.  It has a riddle on it about the type of animal that lives in a specific place, then you slide out the answer.  Baby is very good at sliding out the answers.  She usually picks that book as her book to "read."  We can get alllmmmmost all the way through that one. 

We also like to read "Goodnight Moon" to her.  I can now ask her to point to the red balloon and she can do it.  She knows that's what we will ask and she usually points to it when it appears on a page.  I think I should start working with pointing to something else now.  Not sure what, though.  I need to figure out what appears on more than one page.    

Baby has been doing a very good job of communicating what she wants by pointing.  If she wants something that we have, she will point to it.  If she wants her juice at dinner time, she will point to it.  If she wants what we have, she will point to it.  So far it's been a pretty good way of telling us what she wants. 

On the other hand, she is also very clear about communicating what she does not want.  She pushes it aside, or screams.  Nice and loud, too.  I was hoping Baby sign would help us avoid the screaming.  Gotta work on that, I suppose. 

On a different note, Baby can point to a baby (a live one, not a baby doll) and say "ba-y."

We might skip the whole signing thing and just go right to talking.          

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