Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Birthday Party Plans

I wasn't going to give Baby a first birthday party.  Seriously, what's the point?  Baby isn't old enough to remember it.  She doesn't need anything (well, we do need a new car seat, but that's another post), she doesn't understand the concept of friends (she for sure does not understand sharing!), and she will probably get overwhelmed (remember Christmas?).  A party would create a stressed out mommy (who is working full time, doing an online class, leading an after school program, going to Saturday workshops, and being a wife, in case you forgot). 

As for the picture aspect, I was just going to place a cupcake in front of her and let her go to town.  That's all you need, right? 

Well, apparently Husband had different ideas.  He thinks having a birthday party is a big deal (he's such a traditionalist) and Baby needs to have one, regardless of all the aforementioned items.  He's even agreed to do whatever I ask him to in order to make sure it goes smoothly (we'll see how well this works out). 

I started inviting people, Husband wanted to invite people, we didn't want people to feel left out, so now I have about thirty people coming to Baby's first birthday party.  This includes children ranging in ages from a few months to ten years old.  The child median age is two and the mean is one and a half (that's my math teacher coming out).

Where am I going to fit all these people?  I have a couch, a loveseat, a recliner, a rocking chair, and eleven kitchen table and folding chairs.   That's eighteen.  I'm still twelve short.  If it does not rain (Lord willing, please don't let it rain!), I have eight patio chairs outside.  We're getting closer.  Four people can stand.  They should be chasing after their own kids anyway.  Right? RIGHT?

What am I going to do with all these children?   I don't know what to do with other people's children.  I know what to do with my own (and even then, that's just guessing).  As mentioned earlier, I really really hope it doesn't rain.  Kids like to go outside, right?  I think I can dig up a soccer ball or something for the older ones.  The babies can play with Baby's toys.

I was also thinking of doing bubbles.  Everyone likes bubbles (I love bubbles!).  Yet another item for outside.  Then there are coloring pages (I'm crossing my fingers the walls don't get colored on).  I am contemplating play doh but leaning on the side of no for that one.

What to do with the adults.  I told Husband we are not buying alcohol for this party.  It's a kids party!  People should be watching their children, not getting relaxed.  Plus, it's not in my budget.  I'm buying decorations and food.  If we're having a party, it's gonna look good!  I have to impress all my adult friends and make them think I have it all together.  

My brilliant idea so far is to do a cupcake decorating station.  That takes care of the cake part of the party and lets people have some fun in that.  Hopefully that will work out okay.

Is it cheesy to do a little survey about Baby?  Like when her due date was supposed to be, when she started crawling, etc.  I think that would be fun!  Or is it too baby shower-y?  I could give away a prize to the winner.  I still haven't decided what to do there.  

Then, there's the lists of things I want to get done before people come over.  I actually opened Baby's baby book and realized that I should have filled out the whole thing by now.  Oops.  Add that to the list.  Then, we don't have any pictures of Baby up around the house (we have pictures of us, but they are like ten years old). Add putting up pictures to the list.  I'd love to have my bathroom painted, but that one is really  not going to happen.  Maybe by her second birthday. 

Not to mention cleaning and baby proofing. 

Guess I'd better get started. 


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