Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Happens to The Hungry Caterpillar?

Baby does not like to read. As an avid reader myself, I am rather disappointed. I thought all children liked to be read to (granted, I know she's only five months old and her attention span is that of a, well, five month old, but still). I'm a teacher, and I know how important reading is, but there doesn't seem to be any reasoning with Baby. My goal is to attempt at least one story a day; however, she often has other plans.

I'll pick a time when I am holding her on my lap (she really doesn't like to cuddle), and grab a book for us. We have a few of the hard board books which are really cool (especially with grabby fingers. Can we say hello ripped pages?). I'll open it up and start reading, trying to hold her attention.

At first, she'll try to grab the book, which is fine. Then I'll turn the page, and she'll start to get distracted by looking around. I try to focus her again, and sometimes she'll reach for the page again. I let her bang on it and try to point out things on the page.

Then she'll start twisting and turning, trying to reach for the chair, or the couch, or something off to the side. (Once she grabbed my water cup that was on the table next to us and spilled it all over the book.I guess she was done reading then). Eventually she will start to arch her back and make the little "uugggghhh" noises, meaning if I don't put the book away soon she will proceed to cry. I do not want my child having any trauma associated with being forced to read, so I sadly set the book aside for another time.

We never really do find out what happens to that hungry caterpillar. For all I know, he's still making his way through the five strawberries.

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  1. Don't dispair...she is still really really small. She will love it, just wait! <3 the Blanket Giver


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