Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bright Lights, Big City

We took Baby on a trip to the city. Last time we went it was to pick up Husband from the airport and we got stuck in four hours of traffic. Baby screamed for three hours of that. It was torture. This time we planned it during a better time.

We left during her morning nap, so she slept on the way there. We went to a museum that had some really cool exhibits (it's never too early to start. My Baby is going to be so cultured). It was so cute to see Baby wide-eyed, taking it all in. I held her up to a fish tank and she watched the fish swim back and forth. I told Husband now we need to get a fish. We can start with something easy, maybe just a beta or something.

We went through a rainforest exhibit that was really humid. I was concerned because I know Baby does not like humidity, but I think she was too distracted to notice. I was hoping a butterfly would land on her and I could get a really cute picture, but that didn't happen. Instead, Husband and I argued over whether the albino alligator was real. It looked like an old statue to me. But then it moved. I lost that bet. However, while we were arguing, and elderly worker came up and gave Baby a sticker of an alligator. I was thinking maybe I would scrapbook it. Then I remembered that I don't scrapbook (It took me three years to start my wedding album, then I got bored and gave it to a friend to finish), so I stuck it on her diaper bag instead.

I fed her when we ate lunch (I am now a pro. No blanket needed for me, thank you very much. However, I think Husband likes it better when I do use a blanket, but I think it draws more attention.). She got a little fussy, but was able to fall asleep in her stroller.

There was a long wait to get into the mammal exhibit, so we decided to skip that. Instead, we went outside and walked around the park. Husband carried her in the Baby Bjorn and she loved that. It was a little cold, so her cheeks and nose got rosy.

The drive home was ok. She slept for the first part, then cried the last fifteen minutes or so, which was fine. Overall it was a great trip to the city and I'm excited Baby got to go to her first museum when she wasn't even five months old.

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