Monday, July 26, 2010

My Week in Review

Where did the week go? Oh yeah, it was spent at a work training that stole all my precious time. Now I am exhausted. Seriously. Forgive me if this post is a little disjointed, because that's how I feel. How am I ever going to manage going back to work full time is beyond me. I think I will turn into a zombie. Or a coffee addict. But that gets Baby a little wired and she doesn't sleep, so I'll stick with zombie.

Tuesday I dropped Baby off at daycare with M. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Baby is always happy in the mornings, so she didn't cry when I left. M texted me how she did after I dropped her off, which I love. Baby refused to eat while she was there (still working on that one), but at least she got a little nap before Husband picked her up at lunchtime so I could feed her.

Wednesday was easy because Baby hung out with Husband all day, then came to see me at lunch to eat. However, she still refuses to eat when I am gone. Wednesday I had Starbucks (decaf, of course) as a treat for making it halfway through the week. I must have crashed later, though, because I fell asleep right after putting Baby to bed.

Thursday I dropped Baby off with M again. M had picked up a swing to help Baby sleep a little better (I had told her previously she likes the swing). It worked like a charm. Instead of her normal twenty minute nap, she slept for an entire hour and a half. Gotta love the swing. Still no eating without me, and she started switching her days and nights. I read that it sometimes happens in stubborn breastfed babies. If they can't eat during the day, they wake up at night to get those extra calories that they need. Can we say sleepy mommy? Yeah, I was starting to really drag at this point in time and still am.

Friday was the hardest. Husband watched Baby and brought her to me at lunchtime. However, she did not want to let me go, and screamed when I put her back in her carseat to leave. She was not a happy camper. I was fighting back tears as I walked back in to work. I felt awful. That was the worst day.

Since Baby refused to eat during the time I was gone, she was ravenous when I would get home. She gulped as much down as she could, then wanted to be stuck to me (literally), until I put her to bed. I'm not sure if that was because she was hungry, or because she was afraid I would leave her, or a combination of the two.

During the training I was able to leave when I needed to go pump. It was great having my own little office with a sign on the door. I don't think anyone else at the training knew what I was doing unless I told them. I only disappeared twice a day- once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I became pretty efficient at pumping, and was pretty proud of myself.

It was hard to grab lunch then go meet Husband to feed Baby. I found myself running to be at the head of the lunch line (lunch was provided), eating as fast as I possibly could, then running down two flights of stairs to a hungry child. Usually I made it in time, but I hated having to cram my lunch down my throat. When I go back to work I'll attempt eating and pumping simultaneously.

This weekend I was able to get Baby back to a normal sleeping and eating routine for the most part. Next week I am off, so she should be fine. However, the week after that I go back to work and no one will be able to bring her out to me to eat. Hopefully she will figure out the bottle/sippy cup situation by then.

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