Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Baby figured out how to roll over quite a while ago. She could roll from her back onto her stomach, going left. However, she would get stuck on her stomach and freak herself out. Husband and I would take turns rolling her over so she would go back to sleep.

Currently Baby is able to roll in all directions. She can go right, she can go left, and she can roll from her back to her stomach and vice versa. I know, she's talented.

Recently she has started rolling in her sleep. We put her down on her back and she will roll over at some point. She used to wake herself up, but now she will just roll over and put her face down in the blanket. Sometimes she will rest her head on the backs of her hands. It's really cute, but scary to walk in on. We always run to her and put a hand on her back to make sure she is breathing. So far all has been well.

We're not sure if we are okay with this or not. It's one thing for her to be on her stomach with her head turned to the side. Then we know her airway is not blocked. It's another thing for her face to be buried into the bed. The pediatrician had told us that we could let her sleep however she likes since she can roll herself over, but it still looks a little scary when we walk in and see her still form facedown. We keep debating over whether or not to turn her over. Tonight we decided to let her stay that way; however, Husband and I are both paranoid about it. I mean, when does the whole SIDS thing disappear anyway?

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