Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Smart Baby

I had my car worked on today and of course had to take Baby along. I timed it so that she ate before we went out and was hoping she would be happy to wait with me in the lobby of the repair shop.

She did a great job waiting, especially since my sister came along with me to help entertain her, which made me very proud. She made a lot of noise, but as long as it isn't crying, it doesn't matter to me. I just hate it when she cries, especially if she is going to disturb people around her.

As I was paying, another lady came up to the counter. She asked if Baby was a boy or girl (I forgot to put her headband on today. But she was wearing white frilly sleeves on her onesie with orange and pink butterflies. I forgave the lady, though, because she was a little on the elderly side). I told her Baby was a girl.

The lady watched Baby look all around and try to grab the pen and paper off the counter while I pushed it out of her way. Then she told me she could tell Baby was smart because she was doing that. I could tell she meant it, too.

That made my day.

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