Friday, July 9, 2010

Rice Cereal

At our last appointment the doctor told us we could start Baby on rice or barley cereal. I picked some up from the store, but was waiting for Husband to be available so we could experience her first solid food together. A month later, we finally did it.

I mixed the cereal with breastmilk. The directions said for the very first time you are supposed to use 1 tablespoon of cereal to 4 tablespoons of breastmilk. I didn't really have that much milk on hand (I didn't measure in tablespoons. I had about two ounces. How many tablespoons do you think that is?), so I just used a little less cereal. Despite that, the cereal pretty much dissolved in the breastmilk and it was like really really runny soup. Didn't look too solid to me.

We sat Baby in the Bumbo (really gotta get a high chair one of these days), strapped a bib on her, grabbed the camera, and we were ready. I had picked out a cute, pink baby spoon just for the occasion. I spoonfed Baby while Husband clicked away on the camera.

She was interested in it at first and kept trying to grab the spoon from my hand. I would give her a spoonful and she would scrunch up her nose and make a face like, "This tastes weird." She kept letting me feed her more though. I think we got through maybe four or five spoonfuls when she got distracted by the table. She has this thing with tables lately where she tries to grab them and pick them up. I keep telling her that tables stay where they are, but she has to figure it out for herself. I kept trying to get her attention to eat, but she just wanted the table. Then she started to whine and that meant she was done.

We got a ton of pictures of her first "solid" food, and I'm excited to actually get to fruits and veggies one of these days. I'm wondering if her tummy will react differently to the cereal. Remember how sensitive she was in her first few weeks? I wonder if that will carry over to solids. Time will tell.

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