Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today I taught my daughter to deface public property. It was all my fault, although the evidence is all hers. I'm generally a pretty good law abiding citizen. Mostly. Speed limits don't really count.

What did Baby do, you ask? Well, the city was doing some work on the pipes running under the street in front of my parent's house. They had to dig up the road and a piece of the sidewalk to get to the pipes. The past few days they have spent doing repairs, and today they put down the concrete to finish the sidewalk. Can you see where this is going? I mean, wet concrete.

Yup, Baby has her cute little footprints etched in the corner of the sidewalk to be immortalized forever. How cute is that?

Update a few hours later: The city came by and smoothed them out. I am so bummed. I didn't even get a picture!


  1. Yeah, what a bummer! That would've been so awesome!! Are you sure they're gone?? I didn't look that closely.

    -Sara Jean

  2. Yup. I checked when I got home today. : ( They were super cute!


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