Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am the Walrus

Husband told me today he wants Baby to be older so he can cuddle with her. I told him that her personality is already set and since she's not a cuddler now, she probably won't be later. Her little almost six month self likes to push us away and twists and turns her body so that she can see and experience everything around her. No way is she a cuddler; she's a mover.

Baby figured out rolling over both ways, and is now moving on to conquer crawling. It is the most adorable thing. She knows how to get her legs tucked up under her and can push up with her little arms so that she is in the crawling position. She will then move her knees forward, but hasn't quite figured out how her arms are supposed to work in the process. Thus, her little bottom half will inch forward and her front half will take a nosedive into the floor and her arms will flail out. Like a walrus moving around on land.


  1. My husband has said the EXACT same thing, but you are right, their personalities are set pretty early. My daughter's almost 2 now, and she still doesn't like to cuddle... but there are those rare times when we do get a little hug or the like, and they are WONDERFUL!


  2. Perhaps come winter time she'll enjoy his warmth?


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