Sunday, July 15, 2012


January 2012

During my breaks, Baby and I like to go visit Husband for lunch at his work.  It's a little less than an hour drive, so I try to keep Baby occupied during the long car rides since she does not like to sit still for very long.  Usually she does well on the ride there, taking a nap or playing.  The rides home she usually screams and strains to get out. 

On this particular visit, I realized how much Baby is really starting to pay attention and understand the world around her. 

On the way there, we went around a sharp bend and I said, "Wheee!" to her. She said, "Wheee!"  back to me, and we continued on.

We picked up Husband, and I was telling him about our uneventful drive, how we went around the curves and said-- At this point, I looked at Baby and asked her, "What did we say?" expecting no answer.  Instead, she shouts out, "Wheee!" and giggles.

I was really surprised that she could understand what I was saying and replay it for her Daddy.  She's starting to grow up!   

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