Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shopping Cart

 February 2012

Baby has always hated sitting in the front of the shopping cart.  We've learned it's easier not to force her, and instead we ask her where she would prefer to sit, either in front or in back.  Predictably, she chooses to hang out in the back of the cart for the duration of the trip.

For Baby's two year old birthday, her grandma gave her a play shopping cart.  It's a regular shopping cart, but scaled down to Baby's size and made out of that lovely hard plastic substance all child toys seem to come in nowadays.  It has a pink basket equipped with a front child seating section and a place behind it to put groceries.

Baby was very excited to get her shopping cart.  She wanted to push it around and put things in it.  I put her baby doll in the front seat and her plastic fruit in the cart section.  Baby pushed it around like that for a while, excited about taking her baby shopping.

The other morning I was getting ready to go to work and Baby was playing with her shopping cart.  After I hurriedly threw my hair up and put clothes on, I checked on Baby.  She was still playing with her shopping cart, but there was a bit of a change.  She had placed her baby doll in the cart section and all the plastic fruit in the front seat.

Apparently her baby doll had chosen to sit in the back of the cart for that trip.

Satisfied, Baby took her baby doll shopping up and down the hallway.  

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