Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Christmas 2011

From December 2011 that I finally got around to finishing:  

Everything depends on Baby.  If she's tired and grumpy, then she clings to me and things don't go well.  If she's rested, fed, and happy, then she's able to play with everyone and entertain them and herself.

This year Baby was happy.  Christmas was fantastic.  I was able to prep lots of food in advance and not get overwhelmed.  Baby played with her new toys (I am seriously running out of places to put things.  I've reorganized numerous times and somehow the toys just keep taking over).

One of the toys Baby got was a Barbie four wheeler.  It's battery powered and all she has to do it press a button to make it go.  She first saw it and was really excited.  She knows how to do regular ride-on toys.  She got on it a and tried to push with her feet to make it go.  It was a little more difficult than she anticipated.

I forget who pressed the button, but once it was pressed Baby freaked out.  She jumped off as fast as she could and ran to me.  She wanted absolutely nothing to do with that machine.

For the next day or two Baby warily kept her distance. 

On December 27, Baby decided to conquer that thing.  She hesitantly sat on it and pressed the button.  ZOOM it went across the room, Baby laughing hysterically.  However, she had no idea how to steer it so she went straight into the wall and sat there looking confused.  I had her get off, turned the machine around, and she went right back on it to repeat the whole process of running into the opposite wall.

Now she's not afraid of it at all, but I hope she learns how to steer soon.  I'm not sure how much more pounding my walls and doors can take.    

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