Saturday, July 28, 2012

So when are you having (another) one?

We get asked this question pretty frequently. 

     When are you going to have another one?

     You make such cute babies, why not make another?

     Doesn't Baby need a little sister or brother?

     Don't you think it's time to start planning ahead?

     You're not getting any younger.

 These questions (modified) can apply to having a first child as well.

So far, my answer has been that Baby is enough of a handful.  Sure, we'd like more eventually but we're happy with what we have.  Why disrupt our current Nirvana?  We still have time.

But that's not the truth. (Yes,  I was lying.)  The truth is, we've been trying.

And nothing has been happening.  

Month after month after month.  

With Baby, we were fortunate to conceive right away, and all was well. 

Things haven't been that easy.  (We even downloaded an app!) 

I now have a new respect (?) admiration (?) concern (?)  sympathy (?) for people without kids, or with just one.  Asking those questions seems downright disrespectful.  Like you're implying something is wrong with people because they don't have a child.  Maybe something is wrong.  Maybe someone does think it's time for (another) one, but things aren't working out and it's too personal of an issue to discuss. Maybe it's none of your business and it's easier to make up a story than tell the truth. 

Now I think everyone is lying. 

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  1. I totally agree. It is such a rude question! We (honestly) have not even started trying, but when I get asked this question I am always tempted to burst out crying and tell people we can't biologically have kids, just to show them how terrible that question is. Kevin won't let me do it, though.


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