Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ma-Ma to Mama to Mommy to Mom

I think Baby has been paying too much attention to the kids at daycare. 

When she first learned how to talk, I used to be Ma-Ma.  Then Baby blended it together a little better and I became Mama.

I love Mama.   I like to refer to myself as Mama when talking to Baby.  There's something so sweet and innocent when one is called Mama.  I'm looked at with such trust and vulnerability.   

Well, goodbye sweet and innocent. 

Now, if Baby isn't getting my attention, she acts like a teenager (hence the reference to daycare).  From the backseat of the car I hear, "Mommy, mommy, mooooommmmyyyyyy!  Mom!  Mommy!  Mom! Mom! Mommmm!" 

How old is she again? 

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