Friday, July 27, 2012

Mini Starbucks Addict

February 2012

We have a mini Starbucks addict on our hands. Don't worry, I'm not really giving her Starbucks. 

I do, however, have my own Starbucks addiction.  White chocolate mochas, mmmm.   Baby knows where the Starbucks are.  She points them out as we drive past.  Can you tell I make frequent stops?

If we are early on a workday, then we will go through the drive through together.  I'll get a mocha and Baby will get a cup of ice water. 

She loves it and thinks it is the coolest thing whenever we get Starbucks together.


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  1. You most definitely don't have a Starbucks addict like I have a Starbucks addict. Every since he could talk Kai has been going to Starbucks and ordering a Kids White Hot Chocolate or a Vanilla Milk with Cream (depending on the temperature outside). He even has his own Starbucks gift card that hangs on a Mickey Mouse lanyard. And all this, thanks to Grammie.

    Super cute post though :o)


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