Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keeping up with the Kardashians

January 2012

Sometimes I think I really need to start working with Baby a little more on her achievements.  Granted, I think she's pretty smart, but when I start hearing stories from other moms, I get a little nervous.

Like the story about the mom whose 18 month old was identifying the letter X outside the car window as they drove past a construction site.  She noticed that the equipment was crossed in the shape of an X from her point of view.

Um, letters?  They're useful for reading....Guess I'd better get on that one. 

Or Husband's coworker whose child (a month younger than Baby) is already potty trained.  That's a big one.  It would be fun to have a potty-trained Baby, but she doesn't tend to do things on our timetable. 

Or the child (three months younger than Baby) who has perfect pronunciation and can say all those hard-to-pronounce sounds like "k" and "r" and "g."  So far Baby just substitutes "d" in for every letter she can't pronounce.  When we don't understand her, she repeats herself like she is talking to a child.  Isn't it supposed to be the other way around here?

Hearing these stories starts to get my competitive juices flowing.  What can I do to make Baby smarter?  Faster?  Better than everyone else? 

Then I ask myself why.  Why?  She doesn't have to be.  She's already perfect.  

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