Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Separation Anxiety

I am completely dreading the day I have to go back to work full time. I love staying home with Baby and hanging out with her. When I'm at home, time just flies by.

On a typical day, we wake up with Husband, hang out for a while, then we both fall back asleep (or I plead with her to fall back asleep), until we both get up and eat breakfast. Then we play, sing, walk, read, whatever, until it's naptime again. Sometimes I'll take a nap with her, and sometimes she will nap while I clean or cook or attempt something creative. If I nap with her she sleeps longer. Otherwise, I only have at the most an hour in which to accomplish something.

Then she will wake up and we will eat, sing, play, go outside, go out, whatever, until the next nap. Repeat cycle until Husband comes home when we eat dinner, get ready for bed, and go to bed.

I love how she will talk to herself when she first wakes up in the mornings. Then she will stare at her hands held in front of her face, marveling that she can control them. When she catches me glancing at her she will smile the slowest, sweetest smile at me.

When we play she will get so excited to see a toy and will do her little dolphin speak to me. She will roll over and look around to make sure I am watching. When she gets sleepy she will rest her head on my shoulder, or try to eat my shirt.

Lately she has developed a new game to play when nursing. She will stop suddenly, turn her head to stare up at me and wait for me to look down at her. When I do she will make a little giggle, smile, then go back to eating. She'll do this a couple of times and I think it is absolutely adorable.

I like to watch her when we go outside. She will stare in open mouthed wonder at the shadows and try to reach out to grab them. I recently bought some bubbles to blow for her and she will stare wide eyed at them with her arms outstretched as they float by.

I have no idea how I'm going to handle being away from her.

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