Thursday, June 10, 2010

Generational Gap

My grandma and aunt came out to visit Baby this past week. I was excited that my family from the other coast could see Baby in her current stage. She's very social and loves people, so I hoped that they would have a fun time visiting with her.

I was surprised at a few of the things my grandma said about child-rearing when she was a new mother. She said that back in those days (the 1950s), women she knew were knocked out to give birth. She said she woke up and asked whether she had a boy or a girl.

Grandma also said that nobody breastfed their babies. They all used formula and fed from a bottle.

One difference that I found really interesting was the fact that she said she was yelled at if she sat her baby up. She was told that the baby's spine wasn't strong enough to support it, so she shouldn't be holding the baby up like that.

I'm sure there were many more differences, but those were the ones that my grandma told me that stuck out in my mind. Isn't that interesting?


  1. i think being knocked out to give birth would be awesome!

  2. No pain, but I think it would be scary! Go to sleep pregnant, wake up with a baby...


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