Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' on a River

Baby is now very adept at rolling over. To one side. In one direction. Then she has this problem where she gets herself stuck and freaks out. It was cute maybe the first thirty times she did it. Now, it's not so cute and we are just waiting for her to figure out how to roll herself back the other way. She can do back to stomach, rolling over her left side. Stomach to back, not so much.

She is getting better at doing little baby push ups. She has figured out how to push off the floor to lift her upper half. Then she realizes it didn't do her much good and she'll drop herself down and do little swimming motions. She does manage to rotate herself by doing this move, though. It's really cute to watch her rotate in a circle, and she gets this big grin on her face when we praise her.

However, now I can't place her on the floor and run off to do something (really quickly of course) without hearing a cry of protest from my daughter who has flipped herself over and wants some help. Husband will leave her there and tell her that she got herself into the situation and needs to get herself out, but I can't stand listening to her cry. I can only take a few seconds before I intervene.

The hardest thing now is putting her to bed. The moment we put her down she will flip herself over and get stuck that way. She's not one of those babies that hated to sleep on her back, either. She will sleep flat on her back with her little arms flung up on either side of her head. If she finds herself on her tummy, she thinks it is time to play.

Sometimes when we put her down and she falls asleep, we will later hear her cry out. We'll go in to check on her and find her rolled over onto her tummy, sleepily lifting her head and whining about how she got there. We turn her over and try to prop her against the railing so she can't roll. She's gotten pretty good at rolling uphill, though. She's one stubborn child.

In the meantime, we'll just enjoy the fact that we don't have to chase her all over the house just yet.

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