Monday, June 7, 2010

Roll Over, Beethoven

I think Baby is very active. Granted, I don't have any other children to compare her too, but she seems to like to move a lot. She kicks her legs constantly and flails her arms up above her head then down to her stomach. Sometimes she gets going so much that she punches herself in the stomach. She doesn't seem to mind it, though, so I'm not worried.

Lately she has been rolling herself onto her side and stretching herself out. We figured rolling over entirely would come next. Husband and I would help her out a little when she went to her side so that she could go the whole way onto her tummy. She is so cute when she is on her tummy. She used to cry when we did tummy time with her, but now she doesn't seem to mind as much. When she is on her tummy she will kick her little legs out behind her and lift her arms and head up. She'll often talk and leave her mouth open when she is on her tummy, adopting a look of wonder and determination. It's kind of like a beached whale.

Well, I had placed her on her back on the floor to play and then focused my attention on playing scrabble with my grandmother and aunt who were in town to visit. I would periodically look at her to make sure she was fine and she seemed to be enjoying herself.

My mother walked into the room and asked if I had put Baby on her tummy for tummy time. No, why? We all swiveled our heads to look at her and sure enough she was on her tummy with one hand stretched out to the right of her and the other under her shoulder. Her little head was up and she was looking around. In other words, Baby rolled over! We were so excited and I went over and praised her and she giggled.

I flipped her back onto her back and she kept trying to roll over again, but was getting frustrated after each try. She keeps getting her arm stuck under her and can't get all the way over. Plus, she's not strong enough to pull it out from under her. Oh well, she'll learn.

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