Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tissues and Growing Belly

August 5, 2009
Boogers. Lots of boogers all over the place. I guess when you are pregnant your body produces more mucous. I keep blowing my nose and try to make sure I have tissues around. They say nosebleeds are also common, but thankfully I haven't had to experience that.

Morning sickness has become so so so so so so so much better! I no longer feel sick all day long. If anything, I might throw up a little in the morning and be done. I do still wake up in the middle of the night feeling nauseous, but my days are starting to become more bearable. I have occasional moments of feeling really weak and disjointed, but those pass quickly. Maybe this part of pregnancy will be more enjoyable!

I've been trying to work out bathroom breaks, especially during the day. Two weeks ago I had to go practically every hour, but this week it has lessened and I am able to last two to three hours. At work I try to stop by the restroom every time I pass it (which isn't very often since my classroom is three minutes away!). My night breaks have lessened, and now I only get up two to three times, instead of every two hours.

My back has started aching, probably because I am standing all day. It's looked down upon in my occupation if you are found sitting. I do a lot of walking, though, and prop my feet up during my lunch break.

I am a little more tired. I think I've been getting about nine hours of sleep lately. It's nice. My stomach has also started growing. If I pull my shirt tight, and to those of you who know me, it's easy to tell that I have a bump. My pants won't button anymore, so I bought a BellaBand thing at Target to hold them up. I decided I don't really like it. It keeps riding up when I move around (and I move around a lot with sitting and bending and twisting), and it just feels constricting. So instead, when I can, I use a hair band to wrap around the button of my pants to keep them closed. I'm only off by about an inch or inch and a half.

Overall, things are looking up. I am able to function again and have a life, although it was really tough there for a while. Husband and I actually went out for dinner last night, and I didn't have to throw up! He has been wonderful, and I'm glad to see him so excited about our family.

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