Thursday, August 20, 2009

Appointment Confusion

August 20, 2009
Sometimes all this automated hospital stuff is nice. I'm one of those people who dislikes calling places, scheduling appointments, and talking to random strangers. If I can do something online, I'm on it!

I attempted to transfer my medical appointments to closer to my work for transportation reasons. My last doctor told me I needed to schedule an appointment with them, and that I could do it online. I filled out all the information and set up an account. After spending who knows how long navigating the webpage, I could not figure out how to transfer facilities, so I broke down and called. I was connected to quite a few people who were not able to do what I wanted, until finally one told me to go online and do it. I asked for explicit directions on how, since I was unable to do so previously, and she kindly gave them to me. It turns out that I had to request a new doctor at a new facility, and then I would be able to switch. So I did.

The next step was to schedule an appointment. I had received a generic welcome letter in the mail and there was a number to call. It said it was available twenty-four hours a day. I called, since Husband has been bugging me to schedule as soon as possible. Well, that was confusing! I decided to go online instead. That was a little better. I randomly scheduled an appointment for late September. Then I noticed I could look up the notes from my old appointments. I did so, and the note from my last appointment said to schedule my next one for early September. Oops. I tried to go back to reschedule, but it said it was unable to do so at the time. Hmm... I'll have to attempt to figure this one out. Should I schedule another appointment for earlier in the month? Or try to reschedule later? Or call the advice nurse? I think I'll sleep on it.

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