Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Wear a Milk Mustache Proudly

August 11, 2009
Have I had any cravings lately? Milk! I love milk! I ran out one night and ended up dreaming about drinking gallons and gallons of milk. The next day Husband stopped by the store and picked me up some more. I think I average two to three tall glasses a day.

On another note, I am starting to show more. Most of my pants aren't fitting as well, and I have to wear loose fitting tops. However, I still look like your average American girl who eats too much fast food, as opposed to my formerly skinny self. My brother in law came over the other day with a friend. He asked his friend, "Does she look pregnant to you?" His friend stated that I did not, and brother in law said, "Well, I can tell. She used to be a twig!" Ahh, brother in law. That statement totally made my day.

I'm also starting to have small pains in my stomach. I read that it is most likely my ligaments stretching to accommodate Baby. It's rather painful, though. Most of the time I feel it at night. This could be because I am distracted by work during the day, but I have been stopped in my tracks by a sharp pain at work.

Indigestion is another side effect I have. I didn't realize this until I visited with my mother and she pointed it out. I thought I was just burping a lot. A lot a lot. Apparently that is known as indigestion. Heartburn usually accompanies indigestion, but I haven't had that. Let's hope I don't!

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