Thursday, August 20, 2009

Second Trimester

August 20, 2010
Fourteen weeks! How in the world did that happen? Time is really starting to fly by, especially since I started working again and am counting down the weeks of work. My next appointment isn't until about twenty weeks, so I get some time to just hang out with the baby in my belly before he or she gets prodded again.

I am now officially in the second trimester. Everything I've read said that this is the best trimester. Morning sickness is supposed to ease up, frequency of bathroom trips is expected to lessen, and the baby is said to make itself known through the protruding belly and little movements it will eventually make.

I have to say that I am feeling so much better, and the nausea seems to be a thing of the past. The memory of it is even starting the fade (Don't worry, I can always reread my blog to remember!). My tummy is growing, and I've started to feel a little pain like my insides are being stretched. I've heard that it is called ligament pain, from the ligaments stretching to accommodate the baby. It comes and goes, and I feel it mostly in my side and by my belly button. My belly button, by the way, has also become a little larger. I can see a little bit more of the inside of it. I have a mole in there!

Now that I'm in the second trimester, it's time to start looking for baby items. A friend of mine loaned me a book on baby bargains. It's comparable to the consumer reports, only purely baby items. It's a little overwhelming, actually. Who knew there were so many baby companies out there, and so many names that are really the same people, or owned by other people who go by the same name? I do think some of the things I read are helpful. For instance, who knew that there were different types of cribs? There are some with sides that drop down, and some with sides that have a hinge, and some you can drop down by a knee push, and others you can drop down by a foot press, and others that don't drop down at all. Then there are the unique round ones, or those that are modeled after sleigh beds (apparently fashionable, but not practical as the crib bumper doesn't fit). All these things to keep in mind! I read the first section on cribs, then set the book aside. Too much information to take in at once. I need a break.

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