Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Perfect Little Uterus

July 28, 2009
I had yet another ultrasound today. I believe this has been my third ultrasound so far, and maybe my fifth or sixth appointment? I've lost track. Normal people would have had one at this point in time. Normal people would probably also have an easier pregnancy than mine. But I digress.

I had been given a little cup to pee in at my last visit so I could collect my morning urine. Apparently that is the most pure. Since I get up to use the restroom a bazillion times during the night/early morning, I decided to collect my 6am sample. Then I put it into a ziploc baggie and two Safeway bags. Eight hours later I was on my way to my appointment.

I registered on the third floor, since that was where I had to go last time. The clerk sent me down to the second and told me it changes all the time depending on the doctor one has the privilege of seeing. I was meeting someone new today.

I sat in the waiting room and people watched. Across from me was a young Hispanic girl with her boyfriend, they looked about 16, maybe. An African American woman came in and complained to the clerk about how tight Medical is getting and how they want to verify everyone's information. I'm thinking, "Good, they better! My tax dollars are paying for you, lady." The Hispanic girl was called in, then it was my turn.

The nurse had me step on the scale (I have gained back one pound from what I've lost.) and took my blood pressure (normal). She dumped out practically all my well preserved urine and put a stick thingie in just a tiny bit. The stick thingie turned multiple colors and she showed me how it compared to the norm. Everything matched except the pink one. She told me I needed to drink more water. Then she led me to the doctor's office or checkup room or whatever those things are called and gave me a gown to change in to.

This was the first time I had been asked to change into a gown. Previously I had only to strip from the waist down. Today I was totally out there. I sat on the little bed for about twenty minutes fiddling with the back of the gown to try and cover myself before the doctor finally came in. I stared at all the posters and information on birth control (there are like ten different manufacturers out there!). I also saw some diagrams of a dilated cervix, starting at one cm and going to ten. It's huge! They expect me to stretch that far?! Oh boy.

The doctor came in and introduced herself and went over the paperwork I filled out last time about family medical history. She asked if I was getting headaches (yes) and said she recommended quiet bedrest (hehehe, wait til I tell my husband!) and that it is ok to take a couple of regular Tylenol. Honestly, I'm trying to avoid drugs at all cost, even if they are safe. Maybe I'm just punishing myself, but I feel better about myself that way. She also talked about my rare blood type, of which I am totally aware, and said she would give me more information on that.

Then the doctor told me that today she was going to check my thyroids, my breasts, my uterus, and I forget what else. So she did. I had to lift my arms above my head while she felt around, which was really awkward. And I had forgotten to shave under my arms today, too! Note: when pregnant, hair and nails grow really fast. Shaving becomes an everyday thing for those of us who could get away with it every few days. I just happened to be lazy today of all days.

She used some painful device to get samples to check for chlamydia and gonorrhea, although I thought they already checked for that. Then she felt around on top of my stomach with one hand, while the other was inside to feel my uterus. She told me that I had the "perfect little uterus" and that the medical students should come see it. Fortunately, they were not there today. Otherwise, would I have said, "OK, sure, I'm fine with a bunch of people touching me in my most intimate areas."? Hmmm, I probably would have said yes. It's medical teaching, and I am ok with that. On a scientific note, I also want to donate all my organs and the baby's cord blood for science and healing. But this is for another blog. Note: Husband was not there today or he may have freaked out at that point.

Next, the doctor called in the nurse to help with the ultrasound machine. I've done this multiple times, but this time was painful! I think it was because my bladder was really full. I thought I might be forced to pee again, and I wanted to be ready. But it really did hurt! It was easy to spot the baby right away. It took up practically the whole screen, and actually looked like a baby. She moved the wand around and we saw the baby's heart beating, its little hands and feet moving around, and even the top part of its head where the brain was divided into two sections. The baby rolled around a couple of times and the doctor took pictures when she thought she had a good one. It was really cool! I was very glad when it was over, though. Next time I am not going in with a full bladder unless I absolutely have to.

After all that, I got dressed while the doctor went and got me this months pamphlet all about the baby and what I should and should not be doing, and a CD about childcare, and a brochure on being AB-. She also talked about prenatal screening for birth defects and and the different methods they have. If I decided to go with the newest, most accurate one, I could do it today. I decided a while ago that I am not going to do any screenings, so I turned her down. We are having a baby, and we are going to love it no matter what.

Then I was sent to the lab to give another urine test to make sure my bladder infection has really disappeared. I hope so, although I'm not so sure. I know I'm not drinking enough water. It seems to gross me out lately. I like it really cold with ice, but our water has little white floaty things in it that make me gag. Yuck. Plus, I'm not sure how much of the antibiotics I actually kept in my system. Remember morning sickness? I tried to keep them down... Well, the doctor told me she would call if there was anything there.

My next appointment is supposed to be at a new facility, closer to my new job. I have to call and make an appointment for an ultrasound six weeks from now. At that point they will do a closer inspection of the major organs. The doctor was sad to hear that I probably wouldn't be seeing her again. She said all the good ones leave, and she gets stuck with people who come in slippers and pajamas. I wonder if they shave.

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