Friday, June 21, 2013

Up Five Times

I am tired.

Today, I am tired.

Literally.  Not in the weary sense, but in the sense that I just want to take a nap (and I don't mean one where Baby and Baby2 play on the floor while I nap on the couch.  We know that's a pseudo nap.  No deep, restful sleep comes when you are continuously cracking an eyelid open to make sure everyone is still alive).

Last night Baby woke up at 2 AM because she wanted the light on in her room.  I turned it on for her.  Sometimes she will be fine with it off, but every so often she will go through a phase for a period of days where she wakes up and wants the light on.  I don't know if it's healthy.  Isn't it supposed to be dark when one is sleeping, otherwise your sleep cycles are off or something? She goes back to sleep with it on, so I'm not fighting it right now.

A short while later, I hear Baby crying out for me again, "Moommmmm!  Mmmmoooooommmm!"  I get up to see what she wants.  This time she needs to go potty (I was actually relieved that she yelled out for me on this one.  I was paranoid she was going to wet her bed because I had just changed her sheets).  Boy, did she have to pee!  I walked her back to bed, kept her light on, and went back to my room.

Not too long later (I hate looking at the clock because it only reminds me of how little sleep I am getting), she starts yelling for me again.  I get up to see what she wants this time.  Now she is worried about the spider she saw in her bed the night before and is scared to sleep in it.  I lay out a blanket and pillow on the floor for her and go back to bed.

I'm about to be asleep when she starts yelling again and comes into our room.  This time I jab Husband until he wakes up and goes to take care of her.  I'm not sure what she wanted this time, but he came back to bed and told me he laid in her bed with her until she fell asleep (with the light off).

She woke up a short time later and started yelling for him now.  He ended up going in, getting her, and putting her in bed with us (I was realllyyy hoping to avoid this, and I'm pretty sure that was her goal all along).  She falls asleep next to Husband and Baby2 and I are on the other side of him.  Then he wants to roll over, which wakes her up, and so then she crawls in between us so that the bed order is Husband, Baby, Baby2, and me.  I don't want her kicking or hitting Baby2 in her sleep so I switch spots with Baby2.

Then Baby2 wakes up and wants to nurse.

Then Husband's alarm goes off for him to get up and get ready to work, which wakes Baby up, which means my day has now begun.  I attempted a pseudo-nap during Baby2's morning nap, and I probably got a good solid 20 minutes of sleep in there.

I am tired.   

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