Monday, June 10, 2013


They always tell you to expect some changes from the first child when you have the second one.  Baby has been no exception to this rule.  Although I do think she has been more creative in her changes than I had anticipated. 

One morning, Baby woke up and decided she was going to call me "Mama" again.  And she did, all day long, and into the next day.  Then I think she forgot that she was doing that intentionally, so now I'm back to "Mommy" or "Mom." 

Perhaps she wanted to remind me that she is still my baby, too.  Or she wanted me to pay attention to her a little more (I'm still working on balancing out two.  How does the Dugger mom give attention to all nineteen children?).  Maybe Baby thought she was being cute.   

Whatever the reason, it was weird.  

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  1. How funny. Maybe she's just trying out different names? I know I went through a phase of calling my dad "Bobby" (his name is Henry), but I was already 10 or so.


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