Thursday, June 27, 2013

Becoming a Hermit

Baby and Baby2 contracted colds last week, so we stayed home and didn't venture out to all the normal kid places like we normally would.  I figured that's where the germs came from in the first place and I didn't want to expose them to more while their immune systems were working overdrive.

It got pretty comfortable staying home.  Remember how I always like being on a schedule?  This was a different kind of schedule.  Instead of rushing out the door to gymnastics, we hung out at home.  Instead of trying to make it to story time on time, we stayed home.  It was rather nice.

However, I am now having feelings of anxiety when it comes to taking the two of them places.  I'm afraid I'm going to look like a bad parent in public.  Someone will see my child screaming (Baby) or yelling at me (Baby), or running away from me (Baby), or just plain not listening (Baby).  Or a child will have a massive blowout all over me (Baby2) or start crying and can't be consoled (Baby2), or any number of things.  

Thus, I have conversations with myself:
Go to the grocery store?  Nah.  I can come up with something from what we have.

Go get gas in my car?  Nah.  Not gonna drive anywhere so why buy it?
Take Baby to storytime?  Nah.  I can read to her here.
Take Baby to gymnastics?  Nah.  She can climb all the furniture in the house and do somersaults in the living room.  She's good.
Return an item that was broken?  Nah.  I can attempt to fix it.
Shop for new curtains?  Nah.  That's what the internet is for.

Matter of fact, I can do everything online!  Who needs to leave the house? 

(Ok, I'm only half joking. I did get myself in gear and bring Baby to gymnastics.  It wasn't super stressful.  Baby2 barely cried, only spit up all over the floor once, and Baby didn't run away from me forever.  I survived.)  

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