Friday, June 7, 2013

Spit Up Where?

I can't recall if I mentioned before that Baby2 spits up through her nose.  Seriously, she does.  Remember how she is the opposite of Baby and is a very "messy" child, what with her spitting up everywhere?  And drooling.  Let's not forget her new habit of drooling.

Well, Baby2 will sometimes spit up through her nose.  It's like when you are drinking a beverage and someone tells a hilarious story that you laugh so hard your beverage comes out through your nose.  It's like that. 

I spoke with the ENT doctor about it, and he attributes it to Baby2's immature respiratory system.  Eventually it will figure out how to work and she won't do that anymore.  In the meantime, I prop her up after eating, lay her on her tummy all the time, and hardly ever lay her flat on her back. 

The other day we had been driving home from somewhere and so I brought Baby2 into the house still in her carseat.  I set her down and she immediately starts spitting up through her mouth and nose simultaneously.  She's still strapped in, so I frantically try to unbuckle her and pull her out so I can get her cleared up.  She turned red and started convulsing a bit, trying to breathe but being unable to due to spit up in all her airways.  I got her out of her seat and sat her up, patting her back and trying to calm her and me down.  I grabbed the booger sucker and stuck that up her nose to help get the spit up out and clear her airways (that's what Dr. Google says to do.  I've never had to grab it before, but this time was intense.)

The episode really scared me.  It's terrifying to see your child unable to breathe and to feel so helpless.

Here's to hoping she outgrows this stage very quickly.  I don't like it. 

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