Friday, June 14, 2013

Track and Field, Class 1

Baby has a ton of energy and loves to run.  When we go out on a walk, I will let her run ahead to a predetermined object.  If we are on our way somewhere, she will look at me and ask, "Where I run, Mommy?"  I'll tell her, "To the bench," or "To the corner."  Then she will run ahead and stop at the spot that I named.

When I saw a track and field class for Baby's age group over summer, I was very excited.  Something she could do and have fun with at the same time.  I signed her up.

Baby had her first class last Tuesday evening.  I think I had more fun than she did.  It is the cutest thing to watch a bunch of three and four year olds try to run and follow directions. 

Before class, I had a pep talk with Baby.  I told her that if she followed directions and did the activities, then she would get a chocolate milk.  I'm not ashamed to say I bribed my child.  I needed to do something, otherwise she wouldn't have let go of me.  Chocolate milk is her kryptonite.    

The coaches were great.  I think they may have been high school or young college students.  They were well prepared and very patient.  They made each child a name tag so they could address them personally.  When class started, they brought all the children in to form a circle and do some stretching (one of the coaches said, "Form a circle!" and the kids just stared at him.  I don't think they quite knew what that meant). 

Next they lined the runners up to do hurdles.  They had made hurdles using those foam pool noodles and short orange cones.  The children were supposed to jump over three hurdles, then come back by jumping over hula hoops laid on the ground.  Unfortunately it was really windy and the hurdles kept blowing over.  When Baby's turn came, she started off without waiting for the coach to tell her it was her turn.  Then she knocked over a couple of hurdles (most of the kids did), and got a hula hoop stuck around her waist.  Poor thing.  She was really embarrassed and when it was her turn to go again, she didn't want to.  I had to remind her of the chocolate milk to get her out there again.     

Next was a relay with tennis balls.  Now that was fun to watch. They placed children along designated cones and told them when they got the ball they had to run and give it to the next person.  The kids were so cute, running in all different directions.  Baby and a friend of hers who was also in the class decided they would put the cones on their heads while they waited.

After that the coaches lined up all the kids to do the javelin and shot put throws.  The javelin was made out of a pool noodle, and the shot put was a tennis ball.  The coaches counted to three and all the kids threw their item as far as it could go.  Then they retrieved their item and started again.  Baby did a nice job at throwing, although her footing was off.  One of the coaches tried to show her how to step with her opposite foot when she threw, but she didn't understand.  She kept stepping with the same foot and getting wider in her stance.  A grandparent who was watching asked me if he could help her understand, and I gave my permission.  Eventually she got it.  It was interesting to see her coordination, though.

Finally was a quick race between the kids across the field, and a group huddle.   I was one of those parents who took a ton of pictures and videos.  I loved watching it.

And Baby got her chocolate milk, so I think she was happy too.      

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