Thursday, June 20, 2013

There's a Spider in My Bed

Baby has a fear of bugs.  She especially hates spiders.  I'm pretty sure this fear came from Husband who screams whenever he sees one and then is creeped out for days.

I put Baby in quiet time the other day because she really needed it.  I killed quiet time a while ago, but lately it's been resurrected.  Like a zombie.  And I keep trying to feed Baby to it, but she's pretty sneaky, that one.

Maybe that was a bit morbid.  Let's start over.

I put Baby in quiet time the other day.  She needed it.  I gave her a few books to read, dolls to read to, and walked away.

About twenty minutes later I hear her scream.  Not the "Mooomm-I-Want-To-Get-Out-Of-Quiet-Time" Scream, but the "I'm-Scared-for-Real" Scream.  I ran in to see what was wrong, and she is standing next to her bed with a worried look on her face.  I ask her what was wrong and she said there was spider in her bed.  I asked her where it went, and she doesn't know.  I lift up all her pillows and blankets and bazillion stuffed animals and don't see any sign of a spider.  I ask her to show me how big it was, and she shows me that it was a tiny one, between her thumb and forefinger.  I tell her that she scared it away and she can go back in bed to quiet time, but she is not fooled by my explanations.  I cannot offer up a dead specimen to prove that it is really dead, so she won't get back into bed.  I really want quiet time to happen, so....

 I let her sleep in my bed instead. 

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