Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Track and Field, Class 2

I'll start off by saying that Baby did not earn her chocolate milk.

It was a pretty good class, too.  Much better than the first one.  We were actually on the track this time, instead of the grass.

The students started with stretching, and Baby did ok there.  Then they did a relay on the track where they had to pass a ball back and forth.  It's so funny to see the kids try to figure out where the ball goes.  They lose interest after two seconds and start putting the cones on their heads.

Baby didn't do so well after that.  Halfway through she started doing the potty dance.  Husband took her to the restroom and she missed a few of the activities.  Then she didn't want to run the hurdles and wouldn't go unless Husband or myself was holding her hand.  She didn't want to stand at her cone and throw the frisbee.  During the race at the end, she crouched down to go, but when the other students took off, she ran toward me.

After class, we told her she didn't earn her chocolate milk and would have to try again next week.  I was expecting tears, a tantrum, pleading, or negotiating.  But she was actually ok with it and accepted the verdict in stride.    

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