Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arguing with a One Year Old

Baby knows who Tiger is.  She sees him and calls out his name, "Djiadger!" in her little high-pitched voice.  However, she thinks all cats are Tiger.

The other morning Buttercup decided to come out of hiding, as she sometimes does.  Baby got very excited to see her.

"Djiagder!  Djiadger!"

"No, that's Buttercup," I explained.



"Dji-ag-der!"  She looked pointedly at me with her eyebrows scrunched and her lips pursed in a thin line.  "Djiagder!"


Then Buttercup ran away. 


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  1. LOL I remember them days, I remember having an almost adult argument with my then 3 year old and at some point I realized it and was like, "Why am I arguing with a THREE year old?!"


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