Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Year Checkup

Baby had her one year checkup this week.  I know, we're an entire month late, but it's close enough.  It was hard to find a time to schedule her in.  Husband ended up taking her because he could get off work early, and I am hoarding all of my leave time for the next time she gets sick (which I'm thinking will be pretty soon.  We've been fairly healthy lately.  I keep waiting for something to surprise us). 

Well, I was actually jealous Husband got to take her this time.  I mean, one year is a huge milestone.  I wanted to write a really neat blog about how impressed the doctor was, how Baby reacted, blah, blah, blah.  Plus, getting any details from Husband is like pulling teeth.  When asked (pestered?) how the appointment was, he told me it was fine.  Then we played the game of twenty questions.

Me:  "What did they say about her height and weight?"

Husband: "Here's the paperwork."

 She is eighteen pounds, twelve ounces.  I thought for sure she would be nineteen or twenty.  I did the whole get on the scale, then pick Baby up and get on the scale, then take the difference thing to figure out her weight at home.  Apparently the doctor scale is a bit more accurate.  Plus, she was naked there.  I wasn't going to stand on the scale with a naked Baby.  She likes to pee.  Anyway, she is in between the fifth and tenth percentile for weight, which is where she was at her last appointment.  

Her height is 28 and a quarter inches.  That dropped her down to between the tenth and twenty-fifth percentile (there aren't actual numbers, just a graph, so I have to estimate).  At her nine month checkup she was almost to the fiftieth.

Her head circumference 45.75 cm.  She jumped from just above the twenty-fifth percentile to above the fiftieth.

In short, I have a little baby with a big head.   

Me:  "What questions did the doctor ask?"

Husband: "I don't remember."

Me:  "Did you talk to her about drinking cow's milk?"

Husband: "Yeah, she said that was fine.  Whole milk just might make her constipated."

Me: "What are we supposed to do about that?"

Husband: "What?"

Me; "' If she get constipated, what do we give her to help her?"

Husband:  "I dunno.  I don't think she said."

Me:  "What about her teeth?"     (She has a couple white spots on her two front teeth.  I googled, and google just said they were created when she was in utero.  Nothing to worry about.  However, google also said they could be a dental concern and might require treatment.  Google needs to make up its mind.)

Husband:  "She said it was nothing to worry about.  And we don't have to start really brushing until she gets her molars.  Oh, can she clap?"

Me:  "Of course she can clap.  Why do you ask?"

Husband: 'That was one of the questions the doctor asked.  I told her she was doing Baby Signs."

Me:  "We just don't clap very often, so she doesn't do it.  Was she impressed with the Baby Signs?"

Husband: "I dunno. She said that counted."

Me:  "Anything else?"

Husband:  "I dunno.  I don't remember."


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