Saturday, March 5, 2011

One is the Magic Number

You know how you read the Twilight series all the way through just so you could find out if Bella was ever going to turn into a vampire?  Truly, that's the only reason I kept going.


Well, remember when she did (FINALLY, I might add.  That was dragged out forever!) and she underwent that whole change and her organs all shifted to she could digest blood?  Well, for some reason I kept expecting Baby to undergo some sort of dramatic change when she turned one.


One is a magical number in the parenting land, so I've discovered.  Everything happens when the baby finally turns one.  It's the answer to all of those questions that pediatricians have been plagued with:

When can my baby have cow's milk?  When she's one.

When can she eat honey?  When she's one.

When can she have peanut butter?  When she's one.

What about shellfish?  One.

What about egg yolks?  One   (Or was that egg whites?  I forget. I ignored that one)

Cakes?  One (for the birthday party, of course!).

Do you see now why I was expecting some big change?  Why is she magically allowed to eat all of these things at one?  What was different between eleven months and twelve?  She's still a little human (although sometimes she's a little terror...ahem).

Anyway, I'd rather she be human than vampire.  That would be creepy.   

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