Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a Mess

I receive a daily parenting email from Parents.  It give lots of fun little tip on random child-rearing issues. 

I got one recently that talked about the beauty of a mess, and why it is important to let children make messes.  It fosters their creativity and lets them learn how things work. 

Well, I let my child make the hugest messes (at dinnertime especially).  She pulls the tupperware out of the tupperware cabinet and litters them all over the kitchen floor.  She scatters her toys around the living room.  She carries her socks and shoes all over the house and we find half of pairs lying in the hallway.  Bath toys are everywhere. 

When I take a shower in the morning, she plays in the bathroom right outside the shower.  One of her favorite items to play with are maxi pads.  She figured out how to open them and will carry them around the house (I have to scramble to hide them if we have any visitors coming over!). 

She likes to put different things in different places.  I've found her teddy bear in the tupperware and her toothbrush in another cabinet.

Basically, my house has been hit by Hurricane Baby.  Thanks to Parents online I can now say it is educational.    

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