Sunday, February 27, 2011

Climbing Down

Baby recently figured out that things have depth.  We used to have to guard her very carefully to make sure she wouldn't just walk right off the edge of something.  Now, she knows that there is an end.  Take our bed for example.

In the mornings, Baby usually wakes up super early.  We let her play in our bed while we attempt to catch a few more moments of sleep  We used to have to watch her extra carefully to make sure she wouldn't dive headfirst off the bed.  Depending on which side of the bed she was on, Husband or I would have a grip on an ankle at all times  (Over time, it's easy to maintain a grip on something while in light sleep).

Recently, she figured out that she could turn herself onto her tummy and slide herself off, feet first.  It's amazing.  She knows there is an edge, and she can now get down to run around.  The same idea works for the couch.  If she is sitting on the couch with us and wants down, she turns her little self around, dangles her legs, and drops.  Once down, she turns around and grins at us with the hugest smile before she either runs off or wants back up.

The other day we were out shopping at a cute downtown near us.  We went into a store where the baby section was upstairs.  Once upstairs, there was a glass barrier preventing people from falling off the edge and back down to the first floor.  We let Baby walk around (that means she runs around and pulls everything off of hangars and shelves while Husband or I dutifully follow her and pick up what she has dismantled).  Apparently she decided she wanted back down to the first floor, so she went to the edge, turned her self around, and tried to scoot herself backward off the ledge.

Luckily the glass barrier was there so she wasn't going anywhere.  She seemed a bit confused that she couldn't get down.  It was rather funny (and don't worry, we were watching her the whole time.  She never would have gotten herself in that position if we knew it wasn't safe), but also made me realize that while she now understands that things have a ledge, she doesn't quite understand the concept of depth.  Let's just say we won't be taking her to the Grand Canyon anytime soon.      

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