Friday, March 11, 2011

But I really just...

Insert normal household chore here.  Let me give you some ideas to start you off:

Swept the floor.

Vacuumed the carpet.

Wiped off the counters.

Picked up all the toys.

Did the laundry.

Gave my child a bath.

Swiffered the floor.

Changed the baby.   

You know, I used to think people were just telling stories.  When I would go to someone's house and they told me they just _______(fill in the blank), I really didn't believe them.  Unless "just" meant two weeks ago.

Well, they were telling the truth.  No way am I judging anymore (face it, you judge, too).  If they say they just did ___________, "just" could most definitely mean two minutes ago.

Babies work in mysterious ways.  I cleaned our kitchen floor four times yesterday.  Four!  In between each cleaning Baby happened to leave her mark- everywhere!  So I would sweep/swiffer again.  It still looks like a disaster.  Fifth time's the charm, right?

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