Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Potty Training?

Usually Baby wakes up nice and happy.  She makes cute little morning squeaks, stretches herself out, and toots a couple of times.  Sometimes we have to wake her up, although more often than not she'll wake up when she hears us moving around (regardless of how quiet we try to be.  She just KNOWS.).

Husband and I have a pretty solid morning routine. I attempt to sleep in as long as possible, then jump in the shower until I hear Husband telling me to hurry up because he will be late.  By this time Baby is usually awake.  If she woke up at the beginning of my shower, Husband would have changed her.  If she woke up toward the end of my shower, then I take her and get her ready while Husband gets ready for his job.  I also get her diaper bag ready for the day, do her hair, get my nursing bag ready, and get my lunch and breakfast together (Husband gets lunch from his work - one of the perks of his job) and Baby gets breakfast at daycare.

Usually when Baby wakes up, she has a super full diaper.  Like, seriously wet.  She doesn't normally do anything other than pee at night.   We don't do night time diaper changes unless she goes number two or wakes up really uncomfortable.  I see no reason to wake her up if I don't need to. 

The other morning Baby woke up and I went to change her and get her ready.  The weirdest thing was that she had a completely dry diaper.  There was no wetness whatsoever.  Like any good mom I freaked out and did a mental checklist of Baby's health. 

Had she eaten enough yesterday?  Yes
Did she have enough to drink with dinner? Yes
Did she nurse before bed the typical amount?  Yes
Does she seem to be in any pain or discomfort?  No

Thus, I decided not to call the doctor, but I would put daycare on alert to make sure she was well hydrated. 

I ended up getting a text later in the day from daycare telling me that Baby finally did her business.  She made up for not going at night by soaking completely through her diaper, pants and onesie, requiring an outfit change. 

M told me that babies sometimes start to hold it at night.  They become more aware of what they are doing and choose whether or not to go.  The fact that Baby is now aware of when she has to go to the bathroom is evidenced by the fact that she hides behind the couch whenever she has to go number two.  It's too funny. 

I'm hoping we can start potty training early, then.  I don't want to wait too long, but I do want to start when she is ready.  If she is aware of what we she is doing, then hopefully it will be easier to train her to go in the toilet. 

Thus, I went out an bought Baby her very own sized potty.  She finds it hilarious.  We will put her on it and make a big deal.  She will laugh and grin and kick her little legs.  However, she doesn't seem to understand that one has to actually do something in the potty.  The closest we got was once when I knew she had to go that I tried to hold her over it.  She got frustrated with me and wanted to stand up.  Needless to say, we ended up with pee all over the floor. 

One of these days we'll get it.  In the meantime, I'm happy that she's happy to just sit on the potty.  Doing something on it will come eventually.  I hope. 

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